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Awareness-based systems thinking helps identify strategic points of intervention for change, by understanding how structures and systems work together and interact with external and internal factors to create imbalances and inequalities. It sees socio-economic structures and its systems as complex, interactive and connected to people, places, and actions. It acknowledges that the problems that then manifest are as similar as they are different and as such finds solutions through real distinctions, agreed agendas and inclusion. Forcera uses systems thinking as it leads to effective, intricate and bespoke solutions.

Our knowledge of awareness-based systems thinking enables organisations or individuals to design structures and systems which change how they are situated relative to each other and decision making now and in the future. It allows organisations or individuals to work towards transformational change and impact grounded in targeted strategies, which support and strengthen socio-economic alliances that reinforce a shared commitment to proactively address the long term impact of different and similar group experiences so outcomes are equal and continual.

Awareness-based systems thinking is a powerful way of seeing the emerging future and real opportunities for change.

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