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The Focus of Our Efforts

Image by Guus Baggermans


This National Community Lottery funded pilot project is to show how hyperlocal communities at street level can connect and support each other through creating a food growing and support network. 

The project will develop localised sustainability by encouraging neighbours to get to know one another, grow food and give support. The aim is to reach out to the entire mile-long street, in order to make connections so they become aware of who lives on the street and create a support network and shape a food growing and sharing project that serves everyone’s different needs.

For those most affected by the pandemic, it will provide a much-needed lifeline and for Forcera it will help us better understand what localism, community and sustainability mean in the 21st century and just how well ideas we have about them hold up in reality. 



Women Seen was funded by Celebrate National Lottery 25 to raise the voice and personal development of women through an online space to take them on a reflective and evaluative journey looking at the role of gender, inequality, stereotyping and erasure and how the feelings these invoke can be healed and transformed.

The space strove to support women to use their stories as a way to explore and advance their equity and take positive action to ensure that they are included, recognised and celebrated for their contributions. The aim was to create an expressive platform for women which understood the multifaceted realities of women’ lives across race, sexual orientation, gender expression and identity, class, age and ability, through a collective effort.



Working in conjunction with the National Lottery and Find The Balance, a specialist yoga organisation, we are able to offer this a one-off special 6-week online course as an opportunity to know that you are not alone, as the pandemic has taken its toll on many of us. Many people have felt alone and isolated and our mental health has suffered as a consequence.

The course uses yoga practice to improve our state of mind and is open to everyone from young to old. The aim of the course is to help combat social isolation and fatigue, which places restorative yoga at the centre. It also supports Yogis in Need; a fund that was started last year in response to the pandemic, as a way to ensure that everyone could access an online yoga class, irrespective of their financial situation, and a time when they most needed it. 

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