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Who am I

This week I had the same conversation in two different contexts- firstly on the business course, I am running and secondly during the workshop about being unapologetically black.

The point up for discussion was why and how we have become unable to share our positive stories and our mundane 'ordinary realities'. We have been conditioned to feel that we can't talk about positive run-of-the-mill or extraordinary things in our lives unless we throw in a load of negative baggage. As if we are doing something forbidden- enjoying life.

How and why have we become conditioned and hardened to believe that we can only have stories that are negative, fit a certain narrative and must be in the same voice needs to be unpicked as it plays into the way we have become homogenised through vacuous terms such as 'BAME', 'BIPOC' or 'POC' or through overplayed stereotypes.

We need to accept our diverse stories, let our rich variety of narratives be told and be able to say what we want without feeling it has to be positioned in negativity- no matter what, otherwise our way of seeing will remain myopic and we must ask whose benefit is this serving, as it's not ours.

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