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What is leadership?

What is leadership? Probably not what you're thinking. The etymology has its roots in the more grounded concept of guiding oneself and others but by the 1800s it morphed into the management-speak that we see it as today.

Leadership needs to be centred on its origins by placing you at the centre and focusing on how you guide yourself and others.

2020 has brought all of us much uncertainty and a lack of clarity. This can be overcome by going back to basics by going through a process of co-initiation and creation which will guide you to see and understand the emerging future so that you can take action and reach solutions that work for you in 2021. This is what we do as part of our awareness-based systems thinking work.

Using awareness-based systems thinking can help enormously past the effects of the pandemic and lockdowns; it is powerful and can transform your mindset, the way you see yourself and your work.

If you are looking for a new way that will help you see what leadership is truly about and not what a management book says it is- try Forcera

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