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The world is complex and those who deal with society's needs from charities to schools, social enterprises to hospitals need to understand how their endeavours can create solutions that solve complex problems. Yet, all too often the solutions offered for difficult issues arise from conventional close systems thinking that are more of a means to an end. All organisations need to understand how they can make systems change in order to make long lasting social change to ensure that the solutions address the problems they wish to solve. However, doing this well requires a community of practice approach so as to share, reflect and learn in order to see the emergent future and the solutions that lie ahead, which is where Forcera comes in.

Forcera CIC was set up in November 2019, and aims for systems change for social change by using systems thinking to build capacity and foster agency for social transformation in order to empower organisations and individuals through systems change based on social innovation and active learning approaches. As a CIC we can not only work with others to improve their thinking and practice but we can create our own research projects to gain the evidence needed to underpin our work so that we can help break the cycle of conventional thinking.

What Forcera is trying to set out and achieve is more urgent and pressing than ever as the pandemic has shown the fatal flaws in how we understand complex systems and what solutions are needed. However, as a small CIC, created through passion and a desire to help, we have decided to have a management committee of dedicated trustees to take Forcera forward. We welcome applications from people across the UK who are equally as passionate about systems thinking for social change but you need not be an expert just come with an open heart, mind and will. We also like to hear from candidates who have a keen interest and direct experience in the following areas: the third and public sector, women, children and young people, inclusion, education, sustainability and the environment. Those who are appointed will be done so by taking into account the specific needs of Forcera. For further information please see the attached job description. To apply

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