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COVID-19 and its Impact on Disabilities and Race

Today, was the first of my events for the Croydon Health Initiative Project in partnership with Croydon BME that was to both celebrate International Women's Day by giving women speakers a platform, as well as to discuss the effects of the pandemic from different perspectives.

This afternoon's event featured Jennifer Smith-Gibbs as the guest speaker, for whom this was her first online webinar and given the feedback we've had already, such as 'Inspirational, informative and thought-provoking and 'a very good hour of my life spent learning something new', she can look forward to more speaking engagements, as she was amazing.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, thoughts and passion today, as you really illuminated the work that must be done to elevate the voice of disabled people.

Flyer For Event
COVID-19 Its Impact on Disabilities and Race

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