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Case for Support

I am nearly halfway through delivering my business support course on funding for charities and CIC which has been brilliant.

However, what is troubling is no-one has developed an effective case for support.

They have all fallen into the common trap of doing before being. Then finding their doing doesn't grow or becomes overwhelming but no one is willing to invest in their being, leaving them cash strapped.

Without an effective case for support, it could be that they are busy doing nothing because sometimes we do things thinking they are making a difference when they in fact create little change at all. This is especially so when we focus on the symptoms rather than the root cause.

Any business whether for profit or not really needs to understand clearly why they exist, who they exist for, what they exist for and how they are going to exist, and revisit this as they grow.

Without doing so leaves you exposed, as witnessed with the pandemic, to financial uncertainty.

This requires finding ways to refocus even if it means taking your foot off the brake but this also requires courage in such times, which is where I come in- to be that person to build confidence to do so.

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