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Many of us want to make a difference to our own and other people’s lives and many of us are moved to do something about it. All too often when working out what that ‘something’ is we focus on the symptoms and not the cause, thus we believe we are making a change because we are doing something.  However, as that, ‘something’ does not address the underlying structural and systemic imbalances and inequalities which perpetuate it, you can be doing nothing, more of the same but different or making matters worse.

Each of us holds the power in our voice to make a positive impact on the world around us for the benefit of others. However, by working alone we aren’t always capable of identifying the areas of opportunity that are important to growth that will give power to these voices and make an impact. 

Forcera exists to create solutions in order to deepen impact on organisations and individuals by exploring the complexities of the systems we operate in and how best we can affect the root causes of issues to bring about positive change

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Forcera assists in the development of new models of thinking and learning by untapping potential to create innovative evidence based solutions. Through our work, we will increase the presence, representation and effectiveness by closing the gaps that others leave behind by adopting a multidimensional and multidisciplinary approach to uncover and utilise through curiosity and exploration, new ways of seeing to make effective change. We will create and deliver powerful solutions that demonstrate the principles of positivity. Our personalised evidence based solutions are informative, inclusive and provide steps to take to make measurable improvements. We shine the light towards visibility, success and personal leadership by exploring, evaluating and executing a vision that makes a significant difference to people’s lives.

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There are numerous ways that Forcera can connect with organisations and individuals to solve problems. Our method is based on creating the momentum that prepares solutions to ensure that the things that hold organisations and people back don’t get in the way and destroy their path to growth. Forcera will have those conversations to discover the real root causes of problems organisations and people face to determine the biggest opportunities that they present and the specific challenges they bring. We innovate by working in collaboration and partnership with organisations and individuals. As a result, our outcomes are outer facing and create opportunities to ‘seize the day’ and tackle deep-rooted structural and systemic causes.

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Forcera aims to work with those who are sincere about change and improvement by working collaboratively to guide them through an exploration of theirs and other people’s experiences of the world in order to look at the complexities of the causes that give rise to the uniqueness and individuality of their problems and how this informs their thoughts and perspectives.

By bringing together Forcera's passion for change, wide-ranging experiences and deep respect for systems thinking to create sustainable social change and transformation; we use our collective experience and knowledge of systems change practices to support organisation and individuals to evolve, transform and regenerative social structures and systems so they represent the society and world that works for the many, not the few.

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